Custom Illustration


Capture the whimsical nature of your pet(s) with a custom printed illustration. You can choose to have the Classic ScoutDog Style (no eyes) or 2.0 Style (with eyes). Working from photos of your pet(s), the illustration and print is created using pen/ink on paper. You can also have your pet's name included on the print.

(Note: Angry Squirrel Studio retains all copyright and reproduction rights on the image that is created.)

 What You Get:

* One 8x10 inch print of an original illustration on Matte Cover Stock.
* A link to download a high resolution PDF file from which you can create your own prints.
* Your Pet's name and/or optional words around the border.
* A digital mock up with 2 edits & your final approval before the illustration is created.

What We Need:

* Very clear photo or photos of your pet's head from the front view
* The photo should be taken at your pet's eye level
* Your Pet's Name and details about his/her personality that you would like reflected in the illustration.

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